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I would love to spotlight your artists. Please submit a picture of your child with their completed painting and your permission to post it. 

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If you think these classes might be too difficult, click on this partial sample class and see how easy it is to follow.

Painting Supplies

Having the right painting supplies makes all the difference. You can use regular 5×7 canvasses. You can purchase these individually or in packs of 2-12.

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Happiness is Art

Nothing makes me happier than watching my students finish their paintings and seeing their joy in the completed project.  They are happy and know that they just accomplished a beautiful piece of art. They smile and are excited to show their parents. They are proud of what they just did.  This is what our world needs…happy, confident, accomplished kids; kids that feel good about themselves; kids that can start and finish a project; kids that know they can add beauty and joy to this wonderful world.

These step-by-step kids online painting classes take the kids from a blank canvas to a painting they are proud of.  They have fun as they create their beautiful works of art. They enjoy being surrounded by other kids, creating their art, similar but still very different; solving problems, similar to ones they are having; interacting with kids around the world.  Come join us! Your kids are going to love it.

A Unique Artistic Learning Experience for Kids

I have been painting for 30+ years.  My love for painting really blossomed as I began taking classes from renown artist, Jon McNaughton.  He encouraged and shared his passion for painting as he mentored me. I have been teaching and working with kids for the last 15 years at the local elementary school, including teaching art for the school district summer art studio. I am also currently teaching art classes in my home. My husband Kirk and I have recently committed to taking my painting classes to the world through the power of technology. We have worked hard to keep an intimate feel as if every student is sitting around our kitchen table.

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